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Janice was an elementary teacher in the public schools for over 30 years. As an educator, she is concerned with the development of each student's unique skills and talents. She has found that the development of storytelling skills helps her students develop self awareness, self esteem, and core values that lead to improved academic and interpersonal skills.

Janice told a folk tale to a second grade class at a troubled elementary School in the inner city of Atlanta. After hearing the story only once, a consistently disruptive student stood before her classmates and related the entire tale, using the correct sequence, characters and even verbal inflections. The class listened respectfully and applauded when she finished. Amazing results happen all the time when story and education come together.

Both children and adults have participated in storytelling workshops led by Janice for nearly 30 years. She believes that everyone is a storyteller if you create a safe space for people to share and learn.

"Janice Butt knows that 1/3 of all elementary education and 1/2 of all secondary education should be taught as story." Fritz Mengert, keynote speech at Mind Matters Conference at the University of Georgia, 1997

Janice has a B S in Music Education from Tennessee Wesleyan College, 1968 an M A from University of Tennessee, 1972 in elementary education with an emphasis in reading.

"Stories connect us to the world and our own souls."

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Classes Janice Has Taught

"Telling African Folk Tales" 7th Grade Gifted Students
Pickens County Middle School

"Using Storytelling to Teach"
Mind Matters conference
University of Georgia

"Telling Tales in School," Staff Development Course for teachers
"Character Education in Stories"
Henry County Schools

"Bringing Bible Stories to Life"
Decatur First Baptist Church

"Telling Interactive Stories" workshop for 3rd and 4th graders
Mobile, Alabama Public Libraries

"I never realized people would be interested in hearing about my life.
It seems so ordinary to me."
-- participant in "Mining Your Family Stories"

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