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Janice is a gifted teacher of storytelling to students of every age.

"The WIGS Callanwolde events that Janice produces have become an annual gala in August celebrating 'Uppity Women' from every walk of life and from every historical period. "

Janice tells stories in homeless shelters, classrooms, senior centers, churches, workshops, festivals, private parties, and libraries.


Few people know the quiet commitment Janice has made to storytelling, to the homeless, to children, to those who are ill or dying.


What kind of stories does Janice tell?
Stories of women like Sojourner Truth and the Biblical Hannah come alive on stage or in a quiet circle of listeners. Scary tales like Biscuits of Glory or the Red, Red Lips come alive with humor and just a tiny bit of terror. Her personal story of apple butter is so realistic that you have to lick your lips to taste the end result. Janice can tell an inspirational tale that stiffens your back bone or melts your heart. She can galvanize you to action to change the world.

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